Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gearing up for Learn Nothing Day

Summer is hard. We are gearing up for Learn Nothing Day on July more on the satire of this first annual unschooling holiday here. How do you think we are doing? Can you learn nothing when you are sleeping or isn't that when you make connections subconsiously that you just can' t help but learn from??!?!? If you think too much or any at all from these images, you might LEARN that some folks can sleep anywhere....I just left the room to take the dogs outside--came back and they were gone--off to dream and cement their learning! Owen, when you are older and see this, this was not abuse, this is where you freely chose to fall asleep this evening, I have four witnesses.....
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Sandra Dodd said...

I love sleeping photos. I have some here:

I'll add your kids and a link to this post, if they don't mind. (I'll add your husband if he wants, too, but kids asleep look so sweet...)