Monday, September 8, 2008

Live N Learn 2008

We had an amazing five days at the Last Live N Learn Conference in Black Mountain, NC! Some of the highlights were the Amy Steinberg concert (see her if you ever get the chance, she understands and conveys beautifully what is divine and important in life), the bionicle funshop, the masquerade ball (thank you for the Thriller flashback!), seeing alex and emma dancing together, the lovely henna on my belly by Ginger Sabo!, the games funshop, the airplane funshop, all the talks and roundtables.....and the black bear mother and her three cubs that we saw on our way out. We will miss this gathering, but know that other conferences and more informal gatherings will continue to fill our unschooling community at large. We stopped to see Maggie and Michael in Knoxville on our way home. The kids enjoyed going down by the river to play in the water and I enjoyed the yummy food from Wok Hay made gluten free per their menu that you can only get in Knoxville! More trip pictures on flickr: photos

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