Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Emma Potter

On the heels of the great wizard party, we introduce not Harry Potter, but Emma Potter ladies and gents.....Emma has had a vision for a long time of learning to throw clay on a wheel. After much searching for a way to make this happen (most places didn't have wheel instruction for young kids and we couldn't find any affordable REAL wheels or places to rent one) we found the Tennessee Valley Ceramic Arts Guild in Madison. Emma hit it off with the instructor and seems to have a real skill for using the wheel and a CERTAIN shine and joy while doing it. She has found a passion. This week her first set of pots and bowls from her wheel time were finished being fired. They are beautiful. If she was awake I could transcribe her descriptions, because in and of themselves, her words about her work are priceless, so detailed about the glazes and the process. Thank you Emma for this delight you brought to us watching you following your joy...look in our creations photo album for Emma's Pots
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Pizza Search

Well, time's up. We can't own a pizza franchise and not eat pizza anymore, gluten free is just no longer an excuse. It might take a little more effort, but we're on a search to make it worth it. We have these really cool pans to use and all this knowledge we just need to meld the two to get our GF selfs just a slight bit less hypocritical! :) Inspired by a PBS special Kurt was viewing one afternoon about the quest for the best pizza we have started having pizza one night/day a week. Gonna try different GF recipes until we get one we like. Here is the first and second candidates, number one made with bob's red mill all purpose gf flour, number two with the actual bob's red mill gf pizza mix. These are the cheese free one's for dh, the kid's covered theirs in cheese, but it didn't make as pretty of a picture. They were so yummy in a the REAL yummy way, not in the "I haven't eaten pizza in years any old thing you called a pizza would be yummy" way...!
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Alex

We had a wonderful day celebrating Alex's birth this day 10 years ago. We really celebrated all week long as we went to Nashville and David Crockett State Park earlier in the week. I had to see if I could motorhome solo with the kids for some traveling future adventures, so we went nearby for a couple of days, Alex officially turned 10 over a waffle in the campground. For his big party he likes to have he devised a celebration with food, potions, bobbing in a dry ice bubbling cauldron and a bonfire. I want to send a thank you to all who came, sent him cards and gave him gifts. Everyone knew what would make him shine and smile...thank you! He was truly wowed and felt smothered in love. It was a special time to mark his first decade. These are ten potion bottles that were left on the deck the next morning. Emma had helped create names for all the ingredients from their wizardology book. We had various spices glitter and other ingredients disguised as: wool and blood of bat, pixie tears, toe of frog, ground unicorn horn, eye of newt, scale of dragon, screech owl essence, dragon's blood, tooth of wolf, oil of basilisk, tongue of dog, etc. Alex had been collecting the bottles and cleaning them off from the recycling bins outside the little green store for a few weeks. Thank you Maggie and Mom for your help in making the delicious green Cauldron Chicken Curry, that was the best soup I have had/made in a while. We can't believe we have ten year old and such a special person, too, in our lives. We love you SUN! Pictures from the events
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