Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Emma Potter

On the heels of the great wizard party, we introduce not Harry Potter, but Emma Potter ladies and gents.....Emma has had a vision for a long time of learning to throw clay on a wheel. After much searching for a way to make this happen (most places didn't have wheel instruction for young kids and we couldn't find any affordable REAL wheels or places to rent one) we found the Tennessee Valley Ceramic Arts Guild in Madison. Emma hit it off with the instructor and seems to have a real skill for using the wheel and a CERTAIN shine and joy while doing it. She has found a passion. This week her first set of pots and bowls from her wheel time were finished being fired. They are beautiful. If she was awake I could transcribe her descriptions, because in and of themselves, her words about her work are priceless, so detailed about the glazes and the process. Thank you Emma for this delight you brought to us watching you following your joy...look in our creations photo album for Emma's Pots
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