Sunday, November 15, 2009

To the Coast

We set off for our journey to the coast, it was ten fabulous days of surf and sand and all sorts of stuff. Thanks to my friend that gave us the impetus to go travelling while daddy worked, now I know I can do it alone for so long! Not that we want to be alone, as we missed daddy a lot, but had some fun adventures. Now we can head out somewhere farther from home and he can join us! We found out, yes you can sleep in a WalMart parking lot and some folks--Dale Pusey-- are on a longer journey than I felt I was on alone in the motorhome with four joyful children! At a Florida reststop we met Dale Pusey, the self proclaimed "Crazy Guy on a Bike". He was on the last leg of his journey to Florida all the way from Washington State, he left in August! It was a windy and drizzly day as we left him in the rest stop and wished him well on the last of his journey and helped him a little on raising funds--the purpose of his journey--for Iron Horse State Park, an apparent biker's park in Washington State. We discovered the beach is different and wonderful in November. If you must go to the beach last minute, go after a big storm...again on this beach trip there were thousands of shells littering the beaches on those first two days. The campsites were spectacular at St. Andrews, in Destin and in Dauphin Island. I treasured every moment of the time I got to spend with my Aunt Terry and other family on the beach in Destin. I have never experienced the beach in the fall. Having always been in school in the Fall as a child, the beach was still relegated to a summer event for me. We will have to make it a part of our Fall to enjoy this part of the outdoors. I thank my friend that prodded me to go south with her and Terry and Aaron, that were staying nearby to inspire me to stay a little longer and head more west. It was enjoyable at Dauphin Island to see the changes since I spent a summer there as a 14 year old! I was in awe of the Living Marsh dedicated to my friend Beth Ladner that died in a car accident when she was 17.....and wonderful tribute and Estuarium on the tip of Dauphin Island.
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