Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Pizza Search

Well, time's up. We can't own a pizza franchise and not eat pizza anymore, gluten free is just no longer an excuse. It might take a little more effort, but we're on a search to make it worth it. We have these really cool pans to use and all this knowledge we just need to meld the two to get our GF selfs just a slight bit less hypocritical! :) Inspired by a PBS special Kurt was viewing one afternoon about the quest for the best pizza we have started having pizza one night/day a week. Gonna try different GF recipes until we get one we like. Here is the first and second candidates, number one made with bob's red mill all purpose gf flour, number two with the actual bob's red mill gf pizza mix. These are the cheese free one's for dh, the kid's covered theirs in cheese, but it didn't make as pretty of a picture. They were so yummy in a the REAL yummy way, not in the "I haven't eaten pizza in years any old thing you called a pizza would be yummy" way...!
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