Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We have been celebrating with each other for several weeks, doing special things each day, going on special adventures, and i have even been finding a little elf (emma) leaving me presents on my pillow! Some of the things we enjoyed together this year in no particular order: going to see the minature display at the train depot with peg and we got to ride the trolley while we were there, building 'cairns' with the kids on the table using the kid's rock collections, we hope to visit a large outdoor cairn one day, anyone know where one is in north america?, the kids all made sun crowns for the bonfire night on solstice, they even made inde one!, with daddy we made and iced GF sugar cookies, made one day, baked one day, iced one day....,we moved all the couches off the windows and sunbathed inside several days wishing this cold away and yet enjoying it's importance, we made a centerpiece on the table and each person brought something to represent themselves, some mornings the kids found a fun activity on the table to do, we made beeswax candles, create your own mugs for our tea times, we made a cedar smudge stick (the precursor to incense) it smelled lovely burning, decorated a tree in the house, strung cranberries, made some sand art and wished for the beach, made pinecones with birdseed and hung them in the trees and the treehouse for the birds, played some new card games, alex and i made some handmade cards one evening, took some naps, went and found a special ornament with gram and gramps, got several new books to read, enjoyed some new wii games, went to see lights at the botanical gardens and the luminaries downtown......celebrated on solstice, had a one for all day on christmas, had yummy soups and company at the elams on christmas eve......it was a wonderful month, see some here! And it contained a surprise, that my sister maggie and michael are going to let us all celebrate for them officially as they are going to get married, will inde be walking by then folks or is this a soon event? :)
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