Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Looking for Life

The robin's nest eggs have started hatching. There are four of them now. Emma is spending each day checking on them several times a day. She told me that she thinks of Major and wants to go looking for something living to help the sad go away and seeing the birds helps her do that....The male and female robin really chatter and dive at emma when she comes over, they want their nest left alone! The sparrows in the front nest were missing on the 10th day and they weren't ready to fledge, so we speculate something happened to them. The kids have also found a nest in an old mailbox with my mom on an abandoned lot near her house. Those birds were sparrows and were about to fledge. We learned how the babies eliminate in a tiny sac so that the parents can carry that sac away from the nest and not attract anything, cool!
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