Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Valentines Built An Igloo

We got a couple more days of snow here where it never snows. Not quite the sledding days that we had in January. But several inches that were fluffy and stuck for a few days. Kids were able to sled on the grass on the hills, but not on the roads. I think during one of the snowstorms that came through, there were the largest flakes I had ever personally seen. They were the size of half dollars and so numerous for about thirty minutes to an hour. It was a magical sight to these eyes not used to snowstorms! The kids worked many hours into the day and night constructing this igloo you see here in process. It has blocks formed from the red treehouse bucket as well as from an old full cambro pan from the stores. The door was created by Alex from what he found in the neighbors wheelbarrow. I am very impressed with the igloo's solid construction as well as the lighting and heat system that has been designed for it during indoor hours out of the cold. It has been a joy to watch these guys build their fantastic foxhole in the snow!

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