Thursday, July 17, 2008

Buck's Pocket

After our trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway, we were inspired to get back to camping with everyone and to keep it simple!--it got too complicated for some reason about a year ago, and we stopped camping like we wanted to. As time permits we hope to take many one night camping adventures to spots nearby because we all love to explore and be outdoors. This time we went to Buck's Pocket. We had the campground to share with one other couple, until, ironically a school bus pulled up at 6:30pm with 30+ teenagers on board! While they added a little to the noise level, it was not the end of the world as we first thought as the bus rumbled in! The playground was nostalgic with the riding animals....Emma kept us all fascinated with an Io Moth that she found, named her "Cot-A". Cot-A spent all night with us in Emma's hands being sung to and talked to and asked to come back when she flew away. She also came home with us and lived the last of her days here in the house and yard. We learned that Cot-A had already mated, if she did, from her lack of flying behavior and that adult Io moths do not eat, they are at the end of their life cycle at the point Emma found her. By the time we got home, there is no doubt in our minds that Emma and Cot-A had some sort of communication going on, there is nothing else to explain the number of times she got Cot-A to come back by calling her or singing to her, or asking her to show herself........Alex carved us all some nice marshmallow roasting sticks. Owen experimented with burning all sorts of things in the fire with Kurt. While Alex and Emma giggled from their tent at 5:30am, it took Owen until almost 9am to wake up! Everyone left asking to camp again, soon!

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