Monday, July 21, 2008


I finished the "mink hat" as we are calling it a couple of weeks ago. Here it is modeled on one of Emma's babies. I had a really bizarre dream that the baby was born as a mink, complete with eight nipples, in the dream this was normal, upon awakening it was a little unsettling....So the baby has become our "mink." I was so thrilled to create this! After learning to knit over the past year or so, this is the first thing I have made with stockinette stitch and that wasn't flat when completed, although I did not knit it in the round.....That is my next project, to knit something in the round, after I make the kids some bath mitts they requested. Emma wants to knit the baby a blanket, she has gotten really good at knit stitches, but I think she is going to start off trying to make a washcloth for the "mink." This item on the bottom was inspired from a book my friend Sarah had. In the end you will sew the knit coil around a cotton cord, secure it circular style as shown and it will create a round rug. It is with remnants or full skeins of various colors of 100% wool yarn, great use for extra/remaining yarn. I have been wanting to have something in the house that I could knit on when sitting around or that others that come over could knit on, and scarves aren't real big around here in North Alabama, so when I saw this I seized it as a long term knitting project that excited me. If I had the full picture I would post it here, but I don't! The one I am following--you slip/knit, slip/purl alternating with 20 sets about 20 yards of the coil and then finish it by sewing aroudn the cord and securing into a 33 to 36 inch, yes, this is my 5 year knitting project, or that thing I finish when the mink is 20....:)
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