Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year to All! We went to a neighborhood "Last Sunset of the Year Party" last night. It was a beautiful sunset and the kids enjoyed the fireworks on the houses' back deck. I learned the other day that fireworks or the pop they make might have originated from the sound bamboo makes when it burns as the air within one of the stalks is released. We will have to cut a piece of my parent's bamboo and experiment in a bonfire when it gets warmer. The highlight of the evening (as it has been every year) was running and playing in the maze of tunnels underneath the deck and also playing in the loft at that house that is filled with dollhouses and dollhouse accessories of all sorts. Even though the majority of our nights are spent as night owls and it is rare that we are asleep at midnight....We actually all fell asleep before the stroke of midnight! We slept our way into the new year! We enjoyed having Aunt Libby and Uncle Ben here for New Year, and doing sparklers in the backyard with them. Libby and Ben prepared a new years days feast at our house of blackeyed peas and collard greens that was delicious. Hoping you all have a gentle entrance into your new year with a full tummy.

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