Sunday, January 20, 2008

Going, Going, Gone

After a couple of weeks of the loosest tooth I have ever seen...Emma lost her first tooth today! I still feel that I am missing on this milestone of my children. When owen is of tooth loosing age I am going to keep him strapped to my side. Alex has lost all of his teeth either while I was at the grocery, with a grandparent, or at a friends house. Emma decided to pull this one out in the car with daddy while I had run into the library quickly to return something! So I missed the event, but certainly not the afterglow. I can still remember the feel of sticking my tongue through one of my missing teeth when I was little , how it tasted, how I couldn't resist feeling the spot where my tooth had been. What I don't remember as vividly is the new tooth growing....We notice and concretely feel loss/change, it is often sudden but rarely do we notice and celebrate the slower way that growth from a loss or change weaves it's way in our lives. I am going to find something that has changed in our lives, something that maybe a year ago or a month ago or a decade ago was a sadness and celebrate what it is for us today.
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