Saturday, January 26, 2008

To Placentas!

It was a warmish day and we needed to plant the cedar tree we had used for the holidays in the yard. Owen helped plant his placenta that we had been saving underneath the tree. It was a special day remembering his birth and the life we shared between each other for a short nine months all going back into the earth to help this special tree grow tall and for a long time in our yard. Owen is very adept with a shovel and most at home, I think, playing in the dirt. We were also excited because we knew there was a possibility that there might be a new soul joining our family, and we can hardly wait a few weeks to find out for sure. Since I have a sickness that I can't shake (immune system down) and everyone is unusually cuddly with me, including our 110 pound dog :) I think we might be right, but we'll have to wait and see and let you all know soon! Since we aren't telling anyone until we are sure, I'm using this as my little outlet and hence will wait to share the blog with family/friends/at large, when everyone knows!
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