Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Road Trip Day Two--Memphis, Little Rock & Texarkana

We woke to a rainy morning, but it was perfect for our plans. We visited Mud Island in Memphis in swimsuits and played in the model of the Missisippi River, we had the place all to ourselves! The kids enjoyed the monorail and the model of the steamboat and exploring about the different boats that have traveled the Mississippi in the museum. They recognized the keel boat from the Earlyworks musuem at home. We had a yummy plate lunch at a downtown diner and rode the streetcar before heading towards Little Rock. We missed actually seeing the ducks walk at the Peabody in Little Rock as we had planned because we skipped them in Memphis---because of the rain storm on the drive there we were late, but we did get to see where they swim in the fountain, ride up the elevator via their red carpet and see where they are housed on the roof. The Peabody in Little Rock is right on the Arkansas river, and as we walked down the riverfront we found an amazing outdoor space. Owen had a tugboat blow the horn at him several times, he loved that. I believe it is officially called Riverfront Park and is on the river with a greenway and also right next to the Farmer's Market. There was an amazing play area complete with water area and built into the rocks on the riverbank with tunnels and all sorts of unique play spaces. We spent several hours here. On the walk back streetside to the car to head to Texarkana for the night we found a Memorial Garden-- the H.U. Lee Memorial Garden to Grandmaster Lee of the ATA organization of Tae Kwon Do that is headquartered in Little Rock. There were many sculptures, a gate, etc. Alex really enjoyed seeing this. We made it to Texarkana that evening and I would say more, but what is there to say about Texarkana? :) On the trip Owen always wants to know where we are, and he doesn't mean, "on the way to see aunt libby", he actually wants to know exactly where we are, the only response that satisfies is the gritty details, "on the arkansas river in little rock, arkansas" you get a hurray, anything else, gets, "but where are we?!?!" until you detail it took me a day to learn this! I kept answering his question, and he got more and more upset, i wasn't really answering, i was trying to answer for what i thought he would understand, and boy i should know he understands all.............:) more photos on flicker:

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