Thursday, August 21, 2008

Road Trip Day Three-Dallas & Austin!

We spent a little time in the morning on our way to Dallas in a little town called Mt. Pleasant, TX it was the home of the tallest horse, Radar, in the Guinness book of world records but we couldn't find out where he lived no matter who we asked or where we searched. He travels a lot...In Dallas, we headed to Fair Park for the day. Here there are nine or more musuems as well as this is the home of the Texas State Fair. You could see the enormous ferris wheel in the distance. I love ferris wheels, and I kept wishing it was working....We visited in the natural history and science portions of the musuems all day. There was much to see and do, it was like four or five musuems wrapped into two. We decided to try and make it to Austin, so we had some dinner on the porch of a mexican restaurant under the water blowing fans and headed Libby's way. Alex gave the server that made our "live guacamole" a lesson on how Alex makes guacamole at home....With only a couple of stops we made it to her house, hooray! I have to say that the section of interstate from Dallas to Austin was a horrible road to drive, not rough, but with high concrete walls on each side most of the way and very unenjoyable! We look forward to several fun days with Aunt Libby in Austin. More photos on flickr:

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