Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Road Trip Back-Houston & Beyond

We made it to Houston the night we left Libby's although it took us a while to get settled. On the fourth hotel room everything was alright, they kept having smoke alarms that didn't work and I wasn't comfortable with that! We spent the next day at the Houston Space and Rocket Center. Here the kids are touching a real piece of moon rock. The room that had all the moon rock displayed was interesting as well as the theater where a guide went through all that was happening right now with NASA as well as the International Space Station. They showed live footage of the space station during that talk, so that was interesting. Dad, you would have wanted to touch the podium in that area, it was the podium that John F. Kennedy gave his famous speech from.......They wouldn't let us take photos in there, though! We saw mock up of a real shuttle and also an exhibit of the Star Wars Clones stuff from the movie. The kids enjoyed the play area as well as a maze they had. Alex got up the courage to jump on the bungee jumpers and went up to see the trapeze, but decided not to swing down. When we left Houston, we drove south of town over the bay and towards Lake Charles, LA. We made it to a nice little hotel there and the kids swam in the outdoor pool pretty late into the night. We still haven't decided if we are headed straight home through Mississippi, or are going to go towards New Orleans. The hurricane news might make up my mind tomorrow. Couple more photos on Flickr:
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