Friday, February 1, 2008

MonkeyKids Coop

For those of you that might live in our area, a couple of families that we know started a homeschooling coop at a space at the Flying Monkey Arts Center here in town this month. They have a yahoo group that details happenings, it is MonkeyKids Enrichment Coop. We plan to go to the ones that interest the kids. But they have a loose schedule of having something going on every Monday and Friday afternoon. For February there is time that we will be doing: Making mini books (Emma recently made a mini book with me with a copper foil cover that she embossed), Traditional Childhood Games (Alex learned to jump rope and is loving this ever since, Owen played Mancala with several other kids). That was all we went to this month, but if you are interested in going our hosting something that your kids are interested in doing that works well in a group, contact them. We are going to host an egg drop like we enjoyed at the LiveNLearn Conference. That will either be next month or the next. The Flying Monkey Arts Center and spaces are in an old mill and it has a great outdoor staircase on one side that will be perfect for an egg drop.

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