Friday, February 22, 2008


We had a wonderful day today in Birmingham. We went to see Cirqueworks Birdhouse Factory for FREE in Birmingham. This was a theater style circus show. Alex, who loves jumping of any kind was out of his seat with wonder during one of the acts that had trampolines in the floor. I could tell he would have given anything to be one of those guys jumping on the stage. We need to help him find more outlets to explore this love he has. Emma and Owen were equally, though maybe not as enthusiastically enthralled! After the show we ate our picnic lunch at Vulcan Park, and explored there a little. Kurt and I went to college and met in Birmingham. I didn't know then the uniqueness that I learned several years ago of the area having a valley rich in not only iron ore, but also coal and limestone the essential parts of steel making, and that Birmingham was named for the steel producing city in England. Then we headed to the McWane Science Center that we can visit for free with our local science musuem membership. Alex built a high tower with just two sheets of newspaper in a demo they had going on. Emma made a bone model of one of the marine dinosaurs that used to live in this area when it was under the sea. Owen loved digging in a new excavation pit they had that the sand was made out of recycled rubber bits. The place was mostly empty after 2pm which was nice. The car ride there and back was a joy for us, which hasn't always been the case, as Owen used to hate car rides. We discovered if he sits in a seat where he can see out and if he can watch a movie, then he is good to go, this is him happily riding in the car above. Alex and Emma and I listened to the Harry Potter book we are on-- on CD from the library. We are glad we took this last minute road trip, it was a joyful day!

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