Friday, February 15, 2008

House of Snail

Emma has been creating things with some modeling beeswax that I bought a few years ago. Our friend Sarah had a neat magazine at her house the other day called Living Crafts . In there they gave us the idea to make snails with our beeswax. Emma always collects snail shells when we go hiking. She has them all lined up on the bathroom windowsills (as you might have seen if you've been to our house) and stashed in her room. This collision of beeswax, and collecting and spotting in a magazine seemed like destiny, so we spent a day making quite a few, giving them to family members for valentines and even sending one to grammie and papa in the "Snail Mail", it was real literal snail mail, it even took extra long to reach them for some cosmic reason! If you like to make things with beeswax, these are great fun. We found if we did it just right we could either use the speckled beeswax and make a speckle end up on the "eye" or put a fleck of pepper there. Here are some of the ones emma and i made on the windowsill and in the bathroom on one of the mirrors.
And Sarah recently sent me the poem in the magazine that was with the snails, here it is for your enjoyment:

Let us take a little journey
To the curly house of
Round we go until we find him
Hidden in his coat of mail.
Then we turn and go back homeward
Still a-winding all the way.
we come out of the tunnel
To the sunny light of day.
---M. Bucknell

thank you emma, sarah, living crafts, m. bucknell, and the snails that left their shells behind on all our hikes for bringing this shine to our winter day!

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