Friday, February 8, 2008

Music Saves

There is nothing better to change the mood of a day, than to turn on some loud meaningful music and dance on the counters or the table. Yes, I believe there is something even better about dancing on something--a stage, an elevated surface, a box, etc.--it puts you out there, i guess. We had a blast with this today. Thank you to Amy Steinberg for providing the most inspirational music of the day. I love to hear Emma belting out the words in "SHINE" --"I'm Not Gonna Hold Back No More, I'm not gonna hold back"...........There were actually probably only about six songs that got rotated over and over again on the ipod, as the kids love to hear the same song time after time! Emma recently didn't want to take the dance class she had wanted to take anymore. I enjoyed how she loved to dance there and was a little sad to not see her shine like that. After today, I see that she still has all that love, and will unleash it at anytime she feels best. Today the best and the brightest was tapped and spun out on the counters. May you have music and dance in your life!
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