Friday, June 6, 2008

ATC Day!

Thank you to everyone who came to the ATC Day today, here at our house. We hope to now have one every month or so. We were introduced to ATC cards at one of the LiveNLearn Conferences and didn't get to fully explore them while we were there. My mom won the ATC basket at the last conference and gave it to me and I have been waiting to use it. We had lots of folks coming by all day, creating and playing. I didn't get all the photos that I wanted of the hundreds of cards that were made, but have some highlights to share in the next posts. Please join us for the next ATC day sometime in July.... The hit with the kids was the laminator. We have one for our business and the kids often use it to preserve a special piece of artwork so that it is indestructible. Strangely last fall, on our doorstep from Office Depot arrived 1300 business size laminating pouches. We did not order them, and if you have ever dealt with Office Depot customer service, we got nowhere on getting them returned or explained.........we were not charged as we never placed an order for such an item, and decided they must be meant to be here for some reason........The kids found one of those reasons to day with unbridled creativity. Here is some more information on ATC Cards.
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mindy said...

We'd love to come to your next ATC Day! It's not too far of a drive for us, and we LOVE making and sharing ATCs.