Monday, June 30, 2008

Blue Ridge Parkway

Thank you Mom, Maggie & Dad for offering Kurt and I a few days to slip away before our lives get busier this Fall....We missed everyone and also had some wonderful days and found some spots to come back to this Fall during the Live and Learn Conference with the whole family. We know and heard of the wonderful days they had while with you, thank you for loving them like that! We camped along the Blue Ridge Parkway (yes it rained, it always does when we camp!), saw lots of wildlife, even a black bear!, went on many hikes, ate good food over the fire and in some local restaurants, remembered how to talk without interruptions:), toured some of Asheville, enjoyed just being and ended our time pampering ourselves at Spa Shoji, wow! We want to tour the rest of the Blue Ridge Parkway one day...Thank you again!
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