Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fairy Circle

We discovered this "Fairy Circle" in the empty lot across the street last night. The diameter was 8 or more feet across. It is stretching out into the road. I have always loved mushrooms, more than flowers I think! They are just one of those things that makes me squeal when I see one. It was interesting today reading all the lore about fairy circles as well as the science behind the fungus doing what it does. Then in a couple of days later we saw another one down the street from the car window, it had those red spotted mushrooms! By the time we went back later to take a picture or the next day, someone had cut all the mushrooms off:(. I don't recall ever seeing fairy circles around here when I was younger, but we know the signs to look for now (greener grass ring or browner grass ring) and are going to be on the lookout! Major, our dog, was the only one who decided to enter the fairy circle after what we had learned, we hope nothing ill befalls him!
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