Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Turkey Creek

We went on a third creek adventure today. This one was the most intense creek so far. It was really full and rushing because of all the rain recently. Turkey Creek is near Birmingham owned by Forever Wild and has an interesting history if you want to read about it at the link. Alex was the only one brave enough to float down the actual waterslide portion, and he had a blast. Emma, Owen and I floated on the flatter part upstream, but it was still quite rapid and bumpy and we swam in the water below the falls. You can see Alex in the orange in the waterfall going down in the top picture...The day was so hot, and the water was icy and felt wonderful. You could just sit on the rocks that had paperthin water running over them and cool while you warmed. We finished listening to The Fellowship of the Ring, the first book in the Lord of the Rings series on the way there and back. We were able to scrape enough change out of the car to get an ice cream on the way home, since they only took cash and we had none! Only downside to the place was that it did get crowded and there was quite a bit of broken glass, don't go without shoes/water shoes! Still trying to find out why it's called Turkey Creek...
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mindy said...

I'd love to know where this creek is! We're always looking for cool water places to go and play. Let me know if you're willing to divulge the location!