Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cistern with Sister

Alex and Emma went to a day at Burritt on the Mountain today about leprechauns, irish food, recycled ideas with "Hector the Collector", irish games, etc. Maggie and I were pretty much done with the things we wanted to do in the garden, so I asked her if she wanted to hike on the trail behind our house that she had told me about recently that I didn't think that I had ever been on. Wish I could remember the name of it, but it is either a State Park Trail or a Land Trust trail. Owen did a lot of walking, threw rocks in the Natural Well, took a lot of rides on our backs, did a lot of talking, and I think had a generally good time! Although I am sure I was tested on this at some point (bwg), I learned the difference again between lichen and fungi. There were some really beautiful ones on the hike. There were also lots of wildflowers coming out. My favorites were the trillium, these white ones I haven't found what they are yet, and what Maggie thought was commonly called a Trout Lily. They were not flowering yet, but they look like all the photos and information I have found online. I would love to know when they might bloom here, as they were everywhere in all directions in the swamp-ier parts of the forest/trail. I also loved equally a vine and it's name--these vines we saw have the common name, "supplejack." It is such a perfect descriptive name of what they are! The way they twisted and were woven, it was as if someone had orchestrated it. The end of the hike (before I ran up the hill to go down the street to get alex and emma so I wouldn't be late!) was the item we were hiking to see, the historial cistern. I never had hiked this trail before. I still can't find any more information about this cistern in the middle of the woods, I am intrigued. If anyone knows anything about it, I would love to hear/see the information. I hope to take this as our next hike with Kurt and the other kids when we have a day to do a three hour hike. If you haven't been on this trail, I recommend it! We had a fun evening wishing my dad, Gramps, a happy birthday, Happy Birthday Dad! Alex and Emma got us all playing "Knock on the Door" outside in the yard, which as best as I can tell is similar to Kick the Can, but without the can...
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