Thursday, March 13, 2008

Grateful Colored Glasses

Reading something on a yahoo list made our whole day go a certain way. I am grateful for the internet where others thoughts and days go through a seive and wonderful things get through into OUR lives. I was reminded to notice all the little things I was grateful for. We were grateful to wake up together and start our day without being in a rush, without anywhere to be, just here to explore together. I am grateful for the fruit salad that Alex made in a bowl. I am grateful for this person growing inside me that reminds me to go slow and stop often to savor yummy snacks. I am grateful for the sun and how it warmed me and all our laundry today on the line. I like how it makes the towels crunchy and exfoliating if you leave them long enough...Not all our family members are grateful for crunchy towels (Alex and I love them, Kurt and Emma prefer them softer wind blown), I wonder if the baby will like crunchy towels? I am thankful that my children are used to being in each other's company, that they are often best friends and can find imaginative things to play and explore together even at their different ages...After some cold days, I am thankful they are getting a week of outside playtime together. I am thankful for Kurt who did the dishes for us all last night and went to the grocery and met us today at the store on our errand. We are glad he can join our days in someway even when he is working. I am grateful to the lady at the ice cream counter who honored Emma and Alex's request to break their 'one' scoop up into different flavors, she met their need without missing a beat! Unprompted she scooped out of new clean barrels, and extra washed the scoop for Alex's peanut allergy. I am grateful for how Owen encouraged me as we raced at the park, "come on momma, you can get me," we all need this type of REAL HONEST encouragement. I am grateful that Emma came and asked me to read the comics with her tonight, I love how she snuggles next to me and rubbed my stomach as she laughed and asked questions. I am grateful that Owen wearing all his clothes backwards and my huge sunglasses upside down as we went into a store today makes me proud that he is FREE instead of embarrassed! I am grateful that Alex's mind is always creating and that he had us make marshmallow shooters this week. There is something quite satisfying about pelting each other with mini marshmallows, like tiny thump, thump, thumps of love on my back. I am grateful before it has happened that my sister maggie has come to town and will help us ready our garden to fill our tummies and yard all growing season. As we laid in the dark, the kids all with their rice filled hearts that Alex warmed in the microwave, we were grateful for our warm covers, Alex's bearded dragon's crickets chirping us to sleep and for the little voice that said into the dark, "I love you all." Life may not always be smooth like today seemed, but it is true that we can always find what to look at, or how to look at things, to go through life grateful and with a smile on our hearts even on a really dark day....may you wear grateful-colored-glasses!

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Bill said...

I'm loving your blog! Makes me wish I could be along on every adventure! Love you, Mom