Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Equinox Events

There were several things we did this week that welcomed Spring into the world around the Spring or Vernal Equinox on the 2oth/21st, when we now know for certain that it will be getting warmer...The light and dark are equal and more light is on the way! I definitely am a creature of the sun, and enjoyed warming in the sun several times this week while it was quite windy outside. Someone found the kids sunning on top of the couch this week, which they often do in the winter, as the sun comes in there in the morning. They look like lizards spreadout long and low on the top edge. While I was at work one night Kurt and the kids dyed eggs at Emma's request. It can pay to have a Dad with lots of spare restaurant equipment, as it looks like it was quite an organized affair. I knitted some little chicks in honor of the eggs/chicks that we are getting in a week or so to watch hatch and give us and our neighbor some eggs. We are getting Dominique eggs from our friends the Ferrantes in Georgia, and then we will send all the roosters back, as we can't have roosters where we live right now! There was a bird nest that had fallen in the yard and it made a perfect home for the little chicks. My parents took the kids up to Burritt Musuem for an Egg Hunt. I went along and it was more like an egg VACUUM! But the Burritt Bunny was fun to watch...There were several kids that didn't get an egg in time and it was nice to see Owen and Alex offer one of their eggs to those kids. There was a long-haired rabbit there, a lamb named Shamrock born on St. Patrick's Day, and the regular ponies and goats. We had that bonfire the evening of the full moon after the equinox, and I would say that felt the most like spring to me all week. Emma has bypassed spring altogether. She is in beach mode. She has set up a bowl full of seashells that has one shell for every day until the beach, today we marked 81 days!
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