Sunday, March 16, 2008

Taking the Path Less Traveled

The weather was so nice today. We all went on a bike ride. Thank you Libby and Maggie for helping give Mom and Dad bikes this year. I think they are really enjoying them, and we enjoy biking with them! We detoured from the bike ride to show everyone the waterfall we had visited earlier in the week. It doesn't look it from here, but it had a lot of water running. I actually had the camera, but the battery died after one photo, so i don't have the photo of the best thing about the day...So as we left out on the trail, Alex said, "I'm going to walk back to the bikes in the creek instead." He had his pants rolled up ankle deep in creek sediment and icy water and a huge grin on his face. I smiled inside at how he always adds adventure and a different path to our days than I would ever think up, he just makes things in life better, you know? Just as we were quite a bit ahead of him, he yelled, "Turtle!" Sure enough, there was a very large snapping turtle in the creek. He was beautiful--long tail, triangular head, unique shell... And such a treasure that we all got to enjoy, all because Alex took that path less traveled!
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