Friday, March 21, 2008

It was a Good Friday!

We had a "good friday" today! My mom didn't have to work and we met at the State Park for a picnic on what we could scrounge from both of our empty fridges, it's amazing what you can create when you put food together. We had leftover stirfry, soy butter balls, apples slices "thin as paper" as the kids wanted or "thick as cardboard", oranges (which we have learned how to figure out how many sections are in an orange before you peel it! This was from a website this week my mom shared ...lots of fun exploring there this week. It was no shock to me that all the experimenting the kids wanted to do had to do with fire and water balloons, those are Alex's personal favorites. The surprise at the park was a stick fort someone had started against a tree. The kids wanted to insulate it with leaves and added more sticks to make it "more livable." Alex said he could live here forever! They are looking forward to the fort that is being planned with their dad in a tree in the backyard, so this was something they are into right now. In the afternoon we went to an electronics demonstration at the Flying MonkeyKids Coop. I mostly played outside with Owen and the other younger kids, so I haven't gotten the full scoop on what happened, but Alex has shown me what he learned about led's and the power they needed as well as he came away wanting to build a 'robot' for the recycled art contest out of electronic parts. It sounded like he had a plan to build something with his friend Takoda. The moon was Full tonight, and rose bright orange in the eastern horizon, wonderful to watch at dusk! We had friends come over to play after being at the flying monkey, and some of them stayed last minute into the night and enjoyed a bonfire and sushi with us, as kurt ended up having friday night off, another bonus of this "good friday"!
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