Thursday, April 17, 2008

Botanical Gardens

Thank you to everyone that joined us at the botanical gardens. We had a fun day, and it wasn't too hot! The kids listened to some of the audio about the dinosaurs that they have positioned around the gardens. Alex was quite distressed that they didn't have the dinosaurs replicated to real size, for instance the one that said it had a 23 foot wingspan, Alex said, "that's not right, it's only as big as owen!" Alex has always been our realist, likes everything to be literal...The kids built dams in the stream in the Hope Garden, got really wet in several spots and really dry in the sunny spots. We spent a lot of time in the childrens garden once everyone got there. Here is Owen operating the water pump and with his friend, "Fia" (Sophia). I was worried when we arrived that the day would be bad because I didn't realize the plant show started that day, but it wasn't too crowded...
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