Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hike on Sinks Trail

We went on a Fresh Air Family hike with my parents the first weekend of the month. The hike was on the "sinks" trail in Monte Sano State Park. The hike was led by Loretta Lynn Winnegar (sp?) and she gave us all sorts of information about the wildflowers we saw that we were then able to come back home and see in our yard, neighborhood, and around town. Alex and Emma's favorite, forgive the lack of real name... was the "Velcro Plant". Alex has some on his shirt above...the little hairs on the plant make it stick to you like velcro. Emma has since found some in the yard and at the library. We hadn't ever hiked to the sinks when flowers were blooming. The hillsides all around were covered in bluebells, gorgeous! This picture doesn't do it justice....I'll post some of the other neat plants/flowers we saw on another post
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