Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lemonade out of Lemons

Our weekend not going to Georgia to get the chicken eggs turned into a fabulous one. Neither Kurt nor I worked in any fashion for three days straight, no office, no stores, no errands, no phone calls.... We haven't had a break like that since January, it seemed like life was back! We spent the rest of our 'mini vacation' after going to the frog pond hanging out together and working on the long awaited Treehouse. It has been named, "THE FOURT", in honor of our soon to be four tree climbers...The kids and I made a sign out of the 'capsters' that alex and emma have made that says FOURT, so we can hang it in the tree. Capsters are a Klutz idea that the kids have created a LOT of, so we found something to do with some of them. Alex and Emma have been drawing treehouses for four years, ever since we moved to this area. That was a requirement for the house we bought for Alex, that it have lots of trees. We have had the telephone poles donated by the power company for three years. We have determined the perfect tree for a while now, and Kurt has formulated a plan, and Kurt plans big which means it's our treehouse, too, we'll fit in it! Kurt and I had the conversation that we always wanted a treehouse when we were little, so maybe we are building it for ourselves??? I have a memory of being in the backyard that I lived in when I was younger that is just down the street from where we live now. One of my sisters and I were building a treehouse. We got as far as nailing boards up the side of the tree to get to the first branch like a ladder and then tying a swing onto that branch. I also have a not so proud memory of throwing acorns at passings cars from another neighborhood treehouse that was located right along a street. The feat we accomplished, which doesn't look like much from the photos, was to get four utility poles upright into three foot deep holes and cemented. We are proud and astounded to say that Kurt and I did this alone!!! with the help of a tag-a-long, of course. Kurt was the heavy lifter and heavy worker, but when we were done we felt like we could build a house! Emma and Owen made lemonade and here you can see them enjoying one of many snacks on the picnic table. Our change of plans seems to have been for the better, as we probably got more relaxing than we would have had we been travelling. We'll see our Georgia friends on another trip for another reason! May all of your lemons turn to lemonade...
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