Sunday, April 27, 2008


We enjoyed Panoply this weekend. The word Panoply means "wonderful array", and there was! There were lots of crafts, free food samples and bought food, lots of entertainment to look at, lots of art to look at and music. The kids liked the painting and the cardboard constructing crafts the most. Emma painted a scene and made a raccoon. Alex made a raccoon, also. Owen choose to make the cardboard 18-wheeler. We enjoyed the dancers from South Africa and the Drumming Tent with the Get Rhythm team the most. I was enthralled by the photography of a couple from Winder, GA of all places (near where we used to live)! They live half the year in China and half in Georgia. They had breathtaking color photographs from China. My favorite was of a hillside and valley terraced with rice fields, the colors ranged the whole palette--and made this a place I would like to see one day in person. Owen made an attempt at the oreo stacking competition. The roasted corn was the favorite food. At the end of the night we enjoyed the fireworks. Alex and Emma went to Panoply some on Sunday with Gram and Gramps after they went to see a Fantasy Playhouse rendition of Hansel and Gretel at Fantasy Playhouse, but the rain drove them home!
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