Thursday, April 10, 2008

Early Birds!

The doorbell rang, courtesy of FedEx, about 10 minutes after we had been awake (owen was still asleep). The eggs had arrived! Thank you Meg for packaging them so gingerly and getting them sent our way, we owe you! And we hope we have some roosters to bring you back in a while....We had the incubator set up for several days that we borrowed from a family nearby, so we unwrapped them and placed them in and marked the calendar to start looking for action around May 1st. The last batch that our friends did had only one success, so although we hope for more from our fourteen eggs, just getting to see one hatch will be totally worth it! The incubator is in the family room and emits this lovely glow at night, it appears to be some sort of UFO landed in the corner......
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